Harrisonburg Tennis Patrons


2017 USTA 3.5 Women's Doubles League

CAPTAIN - Teresa Fisher


Isabel Pigrau, Jane Wilson, Elaine Dunaway, Patricia Kennedy, Lisa McGuire, Sharon Dove, Oris Griffin, Patricia Hunter, Jennifer Baker, Mary Witt, Angela Eversole, Tracy Fornadel, and Eileen Waterhouse.  HTP would like to thank all the women who played in the 2017 USTA League.  

Congratulations to the HTP 3.5 Women's League.  The league did not win but there was a lot improvement against the team of Spotswood and August.  HTP is looking forward to having our women back to play in 2018.


DATE                 TIME          HOME TEAM                VISITING TEAM

Sun April 30      2:00 PM    Harrisonburg                Staunton            

RESULTS:  Staunton Won

Wed May 3        6:30 PM     Augusta                        Harrisonburg  

RESULTS:   Augusta Won 

Sun May 7        2:00 PM     Harrisonburg                 Spotswood

RESULTS:  Harrisonburg Won 

Wed May 10                     Make-up match, if needed

Sun May 14                      Mother's Day - No Matches

Wed May 17     6:30 PM    Staunton                        Harrisonburg

RESULTS:  Staunton Won  

Sun May 21      2:00 PM   Spotswood                     Harrisonburg

RESULTS:  Spotswood won

Wed May 24     6:00 PM    Harrisonburg                  Staunton

RESULTS:  Harrisonburg

Sun May 28                     Memorial Weekend, make-up match, if needed

Wed May 31                    Harrisonburg                 Augusta

RESULTS:  Augusta won

Sun June 4                      Augusta                         Harrisonburg

RESULTS:  Harrisonburg won

Wed June 7                     Make-up match, if needed

Wed June 11                   Spotswood                     Harrisonburg

RESULTS: Spotswood won


Harrisonburg - Teresa Fisher 

Staunton - Judy Ryman 

Spotswood - Darcy Tyrrell

Augusta - Debbie Gordon