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Welcome to the HTP Summer Tennis Ladder!


Thanks to all that participated and thanks to our sponsors.
Congratulations to the winners listed below!
Mixed Doubles Competitive
Annie Good and Todd Eppard
Men's Doubles Competitive
Louie Wurch and and Tyler Carnahan 
Men's 3.5 - 5.0 Singles
Zach Kulzer
Men's 3.5 - 5.0 Singles PostSeason Tournament Champion
Noon-3pm Saturday 9/14/2019 Eastover Tennis Courts
Congrats to Annie Good for winning the tournament!
Below are the final results.
East Champ - Annie Bailey
East Finalist - Zach Kulzer
North Champion - Daniel Borden
North Finalist - Brent Campbell
West Champion - Kirk Comer
West Finalist - Ian Stienes
South Champion - Matt Williams
South Finalist - Jason Box


  • The ladder begins 6/1 and ends 8/31
  • Register now and during the season
  • Play as often or as little as you can (no min or max commitment)
  • It's FREE to all HTP and non-HTP Members!
  • Click HERE to join the ladder
  • Women are allowed to play in men's divisions
  • Must be 13 or over to participate
  • Play in up to 5 divisions
  • The person getting challenged has 5 days to respond to the challenge and set a date to play. Failure to respond results in a forfeit that is automatically assigned by the software program.
  • Maximum number of days allowed in order to set a date to play the match is 14 days
  • The maximum number of pending, challenges a person can have is 3 challenges. Once this limit is reached, the player must either cancel pending challenges or play and report results before challenging someone else
  • After finishing a match against an opponent, the loser must wait 7 days before challenging the same person again
  • 25 points for a win. 5 points for a loss
  • When a person first joins they have one opportunity to challenge anyone in the division (aka The Allow 1 Open Challenge Rule)
  • Players can challenge up OR down!
  • Players can challenge up to 12 spots above them
  • Any type of scoring format can be used
  • Play anytime, anywhere you choose
  • Both players bring a NEW can of balls to the match. Winner takes home the new can. Loser takes home the used can (aka The Hannah Secrist Rule)
  • Double partners can use a sub if needed. Sub should be less than or equal to the skill of the player being subbed for. No subs in singles.
  • Click HERE to make/accept challenges and report scores(can also report scores to Kirk at 540-742-1323 or


HTP Summer Ladder Divisions

($20 to sponsor one division or $50 to sponsor three divisions. Contact Kirk Comer if interested. Make checks to: "HTP") 

For more information about the HTP Summer Ladder please contact: 

Kirk Comer 540-742-1323

HTP Corporate Sponsors

19 Years -    Ameriprise Financial, Andy Huggins 540-434-4956
18 Years -    Head First Haircutters, Pamela Holmes 540-476-3903
18 Years -    E&M Auto Paint & Supply Corp., Terry Whitmore 540-433-2471
16 Years -    Funkhouser Real Estate Group, John Mauzy 540-908-7123
14 Years -    Watson Construction, Travis, Cheryl & Zack Watson 540-470-2468
6 Years   -    Matchbox, Mike Hendricksen 540-434-5150
Years    -   JPO Construction, Inc. - Jonathan Osinkosky 540-433-7682

Postseason Play! (for qualifying divisions... see below)
I am adding something REALLY cool! For all divisions that have at least 8 singles players or doubles teams by the end of July we will have a postseason mini-tournament in the Fall! The only divisions that will receive awards is the winner of the division postseason tournament. It will be a Compass Mini-Tournament.
  • To qualify for the mini-tournament you must be in the top 8 in your division.
  • The seeding in the tournament will be based on the final division rankings at the end of August.
  • All players/teams finishing below 8 will be listed as reserve players in case a top 8 player/team cannot attend.
  • It will be a one-day compass mini-tournament. Location, day and time are TBD at later date.
  • The compass tournament will be no-ad scoring and each player/team will play 3 sets.

Sooo.... we already have one division (Men's 3.5 - 5.0) eligible for postseason play since that division currently has 13 players. Let's keep reaching out to those we think may be interested in joining us!


Men's 3.5 - 5.0 Division Postseason Compass Tournament
Date: Saturday, September 14th
Time: Noon (should be over around 3pm)
Location: TBD