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64th Annual HTP Open Tennis Tournament 2019

June 16- June 22

Eastover Tennis Courts and Purcell Tennis Courts

Harrisonburg, Va.

Deadline to enter Monday, June 10, 2019

No online registration

Submit entries to:

Harrisonburg Tennis Patrons

P.O. Box 972

Harrisonburg, Va. 22803


Matches will be listed on our website at Please contact Linda Landes at or 433-2385 for questions concerning the tournament.


Divisions- Players may enter 3 divisions. Divisions are determined by the age of a player by June 16

Entry Fees- Singles $20.00      Doubles $15.00 per player

Trophies will be awarded to Champions only. The All-Around Championship Award will be given to the player who receives the most points during the tournament. This will include all players in the Open and 35 and 45 and Over divisions.

A Don Fankhouser Sportsmanship Award will also be presented.

Schedule- First round matches will begin at 5:30 on June 16, 2019. Players must arrive 15 minutes prior to their match. All matches are estimated times and players will enter the courts when available. The Director has the right to reject any entry. Open Tennis divisions will play two out of three full sets. Divisions 35 and Over will play 2 sets with a third set 10 point tie-break to determine the winner. B-Flight (consolation) matches will only be played if there are 8 or more players/teams in a division. B-Flight will play 10 game pro-sets. A player may be required to play more than one match per night if they enter more than one division.



Entry Form




Email address required___________________________________________________________

Phone number(s)_______________________________________________________________


If participate in High School Tennis, please list name of school and your experience on the team



Men’s Singles (circle)                     Open      35 and Over            45 and Over 

Women’s Singles (circle)               Open      35 and Over            45 and Over  

Men’s Open Doubles (circle)        Open       35 and Over            45 and Over    

Partner’s name_________________________________

Women’s Doubles (circle)             Open      35 and Over           45 and Over 

Partner’s name__________________________________

Mixed Doubles (circle)                  Open       35 and Over

Partner’s name__________________________________

Please list any conflicts you may have including Saturday, June 22nd. The Director has the right to accept or turn down any conflicts

If you cannot play 3 or more days of the tournament, please do not sign up