Harrisonburg Tennis Patrons


Membership Info

If you would like to join HTP, please print out this form from your printer.  The mailing instructions are on the form. If you  have any other  feel free to e-mail us at


Family members one year $30.00 or $55.00 two years are the immediate children 18 & under living at home, or children 22 & under who are in college.

Adult members one year $20.00 or $35.00 two years are 19 & over.

Junior members one year $10.00 or $18.00 two years are 18 & under.

Senior members one year $17.00 or $30.00 two years are 65 & older.

Gold $500.00 and includes a family membership and advertisements in all our Tournaments, mailings and the HTP website.

The membership cost is for all new members and for current members who renew before April 30, 2021.  The membership will go up $5.00 after May 1st for any person who has ever been a member of the HTP unless it has been over 1 year.  If you are a new member who joins between October - December, the fees will be Family $15.00; Adult $10.00; Senior $8.00; Junior $5.00.  This membership is good until April 1, 2022.  If you are a new member who joins January - March 2021, the membership fees will as below and will go toward membership for 2021.

COMPLETE AND RETURN TO:               

P.O. BOX 972                                                    
Harrisonburg, VA. 22803
Make check payable to:
Harrisonburg Tennis Patrons.           
Type of Membership (check one)                
_____Family $30.00, Two years $55.00     
_____Adult $20.00, Two years $35.00               
_____Senior $17.00, Two years $30.00                  
_____Junior $10.00, Two years $18.00                  
_____Corporate Sponsorship $150.00                
REQUIRED: All members need to fill out all information
Member’s Name______________________________________Are you up for one or two years________
Family membership and Corporate Sponsor, please include name of spouse and children (include ages of juniors).
City____________________________State_________________Zip Code__________________
Phone: Home____________________Work____________________Cell____________________
All information, updates and reminders are sent out in emails
EMAIL ADDRESS IS REQUIRED____________________________________________________________
Corporate Sponsors: E&M Paint and Supply Corporation; Watson Construction; Andy Huggins, The Myrias Group; John Mauzy, Funkhouser Real Estate Group; Pamela Holmes, Head First Haircutters; Mike Hendricksen, Matchbox Realty; Jonathan Osinkosky, JPO Construction, Inc.