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The HTP Memorial Day Junior Tennis Tournament is a three-day tournament held Saturday May 27, Sunday May 28, and Monday May 29 at Purcell Park in Harrisonburg, Virginia.  First matches begin at 9:00 AM, while the last matches begin at 6:00 PM.  Entry also includes complimentary clinics given Saturday and Sunday afternoon, also at Purcell Park.  The Harrisonburg Tennis Patrons are a USTA affiliate.

Divisions:  May enter 2 divisions - 10 game pro-set format.                                            Double-Elimination (B-Flight)

Boys Singles  /  Ages  *14 - 18               Girls Singles  / Ages  *14 - 18

Boys Doubles / Ages   *14 - 18              Girls Doubles / Ages  *14 - 18

*Must be turning age 14 in the year 2017

Participants Name:___________________________ Birthdate___________

Phone Number:__________________ Email___________________________

Divisions Entered:                                                                                 Cost:

BOYS SINGLES_____                                                                             $15

BOYS DOUBLES_____      Partner's name____________________  *$10

GIRLS SINGLES_____                                                                            $15

GIRLS DOUBLES_____     Partner's name:____________________ *$10

*Doubles entry is $10 per player ($20 per team)

Seeding Information:  How many years have you played? _____

                                      Seeded on a HS team? #_____

                                      School's name: ________________________

Do you attend a religious service on Sunday? yes_____ no_____

If yes, what time are you available Sunday morning? __________

Parent or Guardian's Signature: ____________________________________

HTP is also offering Junior Membership for the 2017 year (a $17 value) at a discounted rate for tournament participants.  Any player entering into single's divisions can add a membership for $5, while players entering into doubles-only can add a membership for $10.

I would like to add an HTP Junior Membership to:

          Singles entry: _____       for $5

          Doubles entry: _____     for $10

**HTP Membership forms will be availabe at the tournament desk.**

Please mail entry forms and fees in the form of cash or check (made out to Harrisonburg Tennis Patrons) to:

          P.O. Box 172, Broadway, VA. 22815 on or before May 12, 2017

Questions?  Email at