Harrisonburg Tennis Patrons


Harrisonburg Tennis Patrons'
Memorial Day Tennis Tournament 2018


Schedule of Play


Friday May 25




#1. *Girls Singles Round 1 Madison Smith vs. Jenna Senger

#2. Girls Singles Round 1: Willow McMichael vs. Arwen Hertzler

#3. Girls Singles Round 1: Grace Edwards vs. Meg Dunaway

#4. *Girls Singles Round 1: Hannah Secrist vs. Grace Pierantoni


(Boys Singles Round 1: Corey Beshoar vs. Noah Pope)

#6. **Boys Singles Round 1: Luke Young vs. Keenan Glago





#7. Boys Doubles Round 1: May/Mast vs. Pullin/Pullin

#8. Girls Doubles Round 1: Keister/Painter vs. Hunter/Edwards

#9. Girls Doubles Round 1: Osinkosky/Rutherford vs. McMichael/Skidmore




#10. Girls Singles Round 2: Ali Keister vs. Winner of Match #1

#11. Girls Singles Round 2: Mary Hunter vs. Winner of Match #4

#12. Girls Consolation Singles Round 1: Loser Match #1 vs. Loser Match #4

#13. Boys Singles Round 2: Casey May vs. Winner of Match #6


(Boys Singles Round 2: Nick Kiser vs. Winner of Match #5)


*ALL Players in these 5:00pm matches (*) will play again Friday at 7:30pm.

Outcome will determine opponents.

These are:
Madison Smith

Jenna Senger

Grace Pierantoni
Hannah Secrist
Noah Pope
Corey Beshoar


**THE WINNER of this match will play again Friday at 7:30pm.

#6 Fri 5:00pm - Luke Young vs. Keenan Glago




Schedule of Play

Saturday May 26 2018
(Important: Scroll to the bottom!)


1:00 pm

#1. *Girls Singles Round 2: Andrea Osinkosky vs. Meg Dunaway

#2. Girls Singles Semi-final: Alison Keister vs. Willow McMichael



#3. Girls Doubles Consolation Final: McMichael/Skidmore vs. Hunter/Edwards

#4. **Boys Singles Round 1: Corey Beshoar vs. Noah Pope


#5. Boys Doubles Round 1: Brunk/Brunk vs. Pope/Sy


#6. Girls Singles Semi-final: Mary Hunter vs. WINNER of Match #1


#7. *Boys Singles Round 2: Braden Brunk vs. Isaac Mast


#8. *Boys Singles Round 2: Nick Kiser vs. WINNER of Match #4


#9. Boys Singles Semi-Final: Winner of Match #7 vs. Winner of Match #8

#10. *Boys Singles Round 2: Chase Pullin vs. Ryan Brunk


#11. Boys Singles Consolation Round 1: Luke Young vs. Loser of Match # 4

#12. Boys Singles Semi-final: Keenan Glago vs. Winner of Match #10


*The WINNER of these matches will play again Saturday.
Players potentially affected:

Andrea Osinkosky
Meg Dunaway

Braden Brunk

Ryan Brunk
Isaac Mast
Chase Pullin
Nick Kiser

**BOTH CONTESTANTS will play again Saturday. Match time determined by outcome:
Corey Beshoar
Noah Pope


Hello all! Friday was filled with a ton of great tennis. I owe a HUGE thanks to all of the parents and participants! We will be going inside tomorrow at Doug Will Tennis Center in Bridgewater Virginia. First matches will begin at 1:00pm. Please arrive 15 minutes before your match time and check in at the tournament desk. Inside we will play 10 game pro-sets in order to help play move along with only two courts.

The Doug Will Tennis Center does not have an address, so I am listing the address for the United Bank on Main St. in Bridgewater. Doug Will / Harrison Park is located directly behind the United Bank. The Doug Will Tennis Center is a large green building at the end of the park entrance.

United Bank, Bridgewater

309 N Main St

Bridgewater, Virginia



Schedule of Play
Sunday May 27 2018

Location: Doug Will Tennis Center
439 N. Grove St.
Bridgewater, Virginia




#1. Boys Consolation Singles Final: Luke Young vs. Ryan Brunk

#2. Girls Doubles Final: Osinkosky/Rutherford vs. Keister/Painter


#3. Boys Singles Final: Nick Kiser vs. Chase Pullin
#4. Girls Consolation Singles Final: Jenna Senger vs. Grace Edwards


#5. Girls Singles Final: Alison Keister vs. Mary Hunter

#6. Boys Doubles Final: Pullin/Pullin vs. Pope/Sy


Schedule of Play
Tuesday May 30 2018

Location: Eastern Mennonite University


#1. Boys Doubles Consolation Final: Brunk/Brunk vs. Mast/May






Main Draws:
Girls Singles Draw:
Girls Doubles Draw:
Boys Singles Draw:
Boys Doubles Draw:

Consolation Draws: 
Girls Singles Consolation Draw:
Girls Doubles Consolation Draw:
Boys Singles Consolation Draw:
Boys Doubles Consolation Draw