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2020 Summer Singles League


If interested contact Linda at

The Summer League will run from June 28, 2020 to August 15, 2020

 for HTP Members

Deadline June 22, 2020


Check this site for schedule and results of matches

Schedule now listed below participants


Players will play one match each week. Your worst match of the league during 7 weeks of play will be dropped when calculating results.  

Players will contact their opponents each week via email to set up a time and place. Please check emails regularly and respond in a reasonable amount of time. In order for the league to run successfully, players need to be committed to playing their matches each week and showing courtesy to other players by responding to emails promptly.

Players will play best of 3 sets with add scoring.

You may play your matches on any court that you and your opponent agree on.

The first player listed will bring balls to the match.

Report scores after match is completed to 

The player that places first in the league will receive an award


     Social Distancing is highly recommended. I am feeling good about singles matches. 
     Face Mask can be worn but is not required. Outdoor play does not require face masks
     Do not play if you have had a fever, cough, sneezing, shortness of breath, or come in contact with COVID 19 in the last 14 days.
     Balls can be shared.  The chances of spreading the virus through shared balls is incredibly low.
     Please bring your own hand sanitizers.
     Play at your own risk.  There is no way to guarantee the safety for all players regardless of how many safety measures are taken, especially at a public court.  
Enjoy playing!! Best of luck to all!!


Signed up

Daniel Borden

Kevin Lestourgeon

Joi Gomez

Shane Phillips

Mickey Glago

Zachary Kulzer

Andy Jackson

Riley Kingsley

Lisa McGuire

Bob Davis 

Tom Duval

Rachel Lanctot

Keenan Glago

Cindy Litten

April Olaker

Pradeep Menon

sub- Annie Good


2020 Summer Singles League Schedule


June 28th- July 4

Daniel Borden vs. Keenan Glago

Mickey Glago vs. Riley Kingsley  6-0, 6-0

Shane Phillips vs. Andy Jackson

Zachary Kulzer vs. Pradeep Menon 6-3, 6-4

Tom Duval vs. Bob Davis

Lisa McGuire vs. Cindy Litten  6-3, 6-1

Rachel Lanctot vs. April Olaker 6-1, 4-6, 6-4

Joi Gomez vs. Annie Good (filling in for Kevin Lestourgeon) 6-0, 6-3


July 5- July 11

Kevin Lestourgeon vs. Keenan Glago

Zachary Kulzer vs. Annie Good (filling in for Daniel Borden)

Andy Jackson vs. Tom Duval

Bob Davis vs. Shane Phillips

Riley Kingsley vs. Pradeep Menon

April Olaker vs. Mickey Glago

Cindy Litten vs. Joi Gomez

Rachel Lanctot vs. Lisa McGuire


July 12- July 18

Andy Jackson vs. Keenan Glago

Pradeep Menon vs. Daniel Borden

Shane Phillips vs. Tom Duval

Mickey Glago vs. Zachary Kulzer

Bob Davis vs. Kevin Lestourgeon

Joi Gomez vs. Riley Kingsley

Rachel Lanctot vs. Cindy Litten

April Olaker vs. Lisa McGuire


July 19-July 25

Joi Gomez vs. Oris Griffiot (filling in for Lisa McGuire)

Cindy Litten vs. April Olaker

Pradeep Menon vs. Shane Phillips

Tom Duval vs. Kevin Lestourgeon

Andy Jackson vs. Bob Davis

Rachel Lanctot vs. Mickey Glago

Riley Kingsley vs. Daniel Borden

Keenan Glago vs. Zachary Kulzer


July 26- August 1

Joi Gomez vs. Rachel Lanctot

Zachary Kulzer vs. Daniel Borden

Mickey Glago vs. Tom Duval

Kevin Lestourgeon vs. Oris Griffiot (filling in for Lisa McGuire)

Andy Jackson vs. Riley Kingsley

Pradeep Menon vs. Keenan Glago

Bob Davis vs. Cindy Litten

Shane Phillips vs. April Olaker


August 2- August 8

April Olaker vs. Joi Gomez

Daniel Borden vs. Mickey Glago

Keenan Glago vs. Shane Phillips

Kevin Lestourgeon vs. Pradeep Menon

Bob Davis vs. Riley Kingsley

Tom Duval vs. Lisa McGuire

Rachel Lanctot vs. Zachary Kulzer

Cindy Litten vs. Andy Jackson


August 9- August 15

Daniel Borden vs. Joi Gomez (possible sub Annie Bailey)

April Olaker vs. Keenan Glago

Shane Phillips vs. Rachel Lanctot

Riley Kingsley vs. Lisa McGuire

Pradeep Menon vs. Cindy Litten

Andy Jackson vs. Kevin Lestourgeon

Tom Duval vs. Keenan Glago

Mickey Glago vs. Bob Davis